What we offer

There are different types of services that we can provide to you. Choose your option and let’s get started.  

Leo Silva Method

Face to Face Training

Designed to promote precise sessions and effective learnings. It’s the face to face class where the student will fine tune techniques and increase knowledge and performance.

Online coach

App available for students that are looking for a personalized training such as wellbeing and high performance. The on-line coach is a tool design to encourage student and athletes to be more independent and sustainable in their physical training. Helping to work together to achieve their performance and fitness goals. It is recommended initial face to face classes to have an assessment, set goals, learn basic principles and manage the app.

Leo Silva Method
Leo Silva Method

Online Classes

Friendly and smart program with progressive classes available in our website. Recommended for all ages and body types to workout whenever and wherever you like. It helps you to improve your fitness and well-being, avoiding overtraining and injuries. The levels vary from gentle to high intensity.


The workshops are the opportunities to increase your knowledge, improve techniques and self-confidence. Stay in tune with the dates.        

Leo Silva Method