Restorative movement

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The Leo Silva Method


The mind-body concept is a millenary discipline. It has shed light on the power of mindfulness as a tool to help us get results in a more wholistic way. This Method is design on 4 important elements combining basis of training with principles like breathing, concentration, centering, control, precision, alignment, integration and flow to provide preventative, restorative and lifelong health solution.  

The training system is focused on the quality of the movement and effective techniques, as well as smart training strategies from wellbeing and metabolic conditioning to agility, power and strength.

Leo Silva Method will certainly increase your chances to achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.

The Elements

There are 4 essential elements with different approaches to develop movement and body functionality.

Leo Silva Method


Represents mobility, flexibility and flow

Leo Silva Method


Represents compensation, stability and mindfulness

Leo Silva Method


Represents cardio, power and vitality

Leo Silva Method


Represents strength, foundation and resilience

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